Our production plant is located in Ukraine, near the capital Kiev and it is generally known that the quality of Ukrainian walnuts is one of the best in the world. At the moment we are offering 2 types of walnut kernels:

– Standart walnuts
– Peeled/Skinless walnuts

The manufactory process of Standart walnuts includes several following steps:

– Harvesting, washing, dryging and performing basic sorting of walnut kernels
– As a second step we sort and clean our goods using the best equipment – Sortex
– The next step is get rid of random metal components, to be sure about the excellent final result – we use our metal detectors
– The final step is packaging and preparing for a distribution

From our side we are able to offer 2 types of packaging posibilities. Walnut kernels are packed on pallets of 650 kg approximately. Either in cardboard boxes with PE bags or in 5kg. vacuum blocks in cardboard boxes.

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